Packing Lists on Pinterest

One way that I’ve effectively curtailed my desire to overpack is the strategic use of Pinterest for capsule wardrobe ideas. I’ve curated an entire Pinterest board of various mix-and-match packing lists for various types of trips and trip lengths.

Jetsetter’s Pinterest Packing Lists



While I might not own the exact items on the list, I try to work with my own wardrobe to substitute my own clothing in to a specific capsule mix.

For a cruise, I might double down on the dresses and work in a couple of options that can go from day-to-evening on the resort casual evenings.  Or for a work conference, I may mix in more dresses and eliminate a couple of casual outfits.

This strategy makes it much easier to walk in my closet and plan my clothing for a trip of varying duration – and it also helps me to rotate my wardrobe more effectively so that I’m not wearing the same black suit repeatedly on every trip just because it’s “easy”.

Check out my assortment of packing lists on Pinterest and follow to be updated on new additions as I discover them.

I’d love to hear your comments on which are your favorites – or suggestions for great pins to add to the board!


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