Prior2Boarding Launch Includes Jetsetter’s Homestead

Prior2Boarding profile for Jetsetter's Homestead

Prior2Boarding profile for Jetsetter’s Homestead

My announcement on Monday that I had joined the Boarding Area team was part one of a two-part announcement.  Now that Prior2Boarding launched late yesterday, I can reveal that I’m part of the team for this new blog project.

I’m very excited to be a part of the Boarding Area expansion that includes a roster of fabulous travel blogs covering a range of travel styles and topics. Prior2Boarding allows readers to have another one-stop source for travel, frequent flyer, and destination advice coupled with all that accompanies facets of that lifestyle.

Astute observers may have noticed on Monday that there was already several weeks of posts up.  I’ve been so excited to share that I couldn’t wait to start – so please feel free to jump around through some of that content I’ve already loaded.  As well, I’m also eager to talk about the things YOU want to hear about (as long as it’s not credit cards… I don’t go there!!!), so please share with me what kinds of travel/home/life issues that resonate with you.  I can always be reached through jettershomestead-AT-gmail-DOT-com or via the comments section on any post.

You can continue to access my blog at Jetsetter’s Homestead directly where you’ll find my rapidly growing library of travel and home content. But you can also visit our family of blogs at Prior2Boarding where you can expand your travel horizons with new viewpoints!

Other blogs featured include:

  • Magic of Miles
  • Points with a Crew
  • Andy’s Travel Blog
  • The Points of Life
  • Fly2Travel
  • Travel With Grant
  • Travel Blawg
  • Miles To Go…
  • Travel Summary
  • Travelling the World
  • The Shutterwhale
  • InsideFlyer Blog
  • The Travel Sisters
  • Will Run For Miles
  • Miles To Memories
  • Hungry For Points
  • The Reward Boss
  • Points, Planes, and Passports
  • Flymiler
  • Efficient Asian Man

We definitely have something for everyone!


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