First Class Meal Service Changes Coming to American Airlines

American will be making changes to meal service in domestic first class cabins beginning September 1. The move is to standardize service across the board as a continuing step of the merger with US Airways.  These first class meal service changes will eliminate plated meals on most flights under 2 hours and 45 minutes.

For most markets, the following chart will now apply:

Meal service by total flight duration/distance and time of day.

Meal service by total flight duration/distance and time of day.

This move also eliminates dinner service on flights departing after 8 pm.

There are some market exceptions where a meal will still be served:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth, flights to/from Detroit, Chicago, and Salt Lake City
  • Chicago, flights to/from Boston, Washington Reagan, Denver, New York (JFK/LaGuardia), Raleigh/Durham, and Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Miami, flights to/from Houston and Port-au-Prince
  • New York JFK, flights to/from Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa
  • Fort Lauderdale, fights to/from New York JFK and Port-au-Prince

For everyone else, it’s time to get used to the snack basket!



  1. I’m almost wishing that they had just dropped the exception routes. Had the worst meal last week on ORD-RDU. Showed it to a few AAngels in the various airports I transit through and they were shocked to see that food on AA.

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