Contest Is Still Active Through Midnight

If you saw my post earlier in the week about the TGI Fridays “Endless Appetizers” promo this summer, my contest is still active through midnight (Central Standard Time) tonight.

If you want to enter, read the post here and then add your strategy in the comments section.  Interesting suggestions so far – and nine hours left to creatively enhance those to come up with the ultimate gaming strategy.

Reading these ideas is a crash education for me on how to think about creatively monetizing a promotion – and proof that many things can be turned into a strategy for free items (miles, cash back, free product) if programs are combined.

Keep the entries coming… I think the boundaries can still be pushed and this will be interesting reading as I fly home from a week-long trip where I’ve averaged 5-6 hours of sleep each night.  That’s about the sleep deprivation state where I start to crave less nutritious restaurant food – so if my current level of fatigue holds up, I might actually even try these strategies myself!


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