New Loyalty Program – The Container Store’s POP!

A favorite outpost for Jetsetter’s Homestead has announced a new loyalty program – The Container Store has begun registration for their POP! program (short for “Perfectly Organized Perks”).

The Container Store POP! Loyalty Program

The Container Store POP! Loyalty Program


While not the typical program that might appeal to frequent travelers, it’s worth a look for a few reasons, among them the amazing travel accessories they carry in-house.  As well, we are big believers that an organized home and office makes travel/life balance much more manageable.  And using proper food storage containers can help extend the shelf-life of groceries, another thing that makes those trips back in town easier for the heavy travel crowd.

There are not many program specific details available yet, but the store’s website and press materials suggest that there will be opportunities to earn $15 reward certificates throughout the year as well as a birthday gift.  As well, members will have access to exclusive events and product previews.

For us (having spent literally THOUSANDS at The Container Store over the last 25 years, starting at the original flagship store in Texas), this program comes none too soon.

Mileage junkies should also keep in mind that The Container Store is also an online vendor via AAdvantage eShopping earning 3 miles per dollar spent (not eligible on gift cards for those who play that game).  A quick check today reveals that yes, the POP! program is visible through that portal.  And of course, don’t forget to use your favorite mileage earning credit card to maximize your miles earnings.



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