Airport Pet Relief Areas – The Scoop on Where to Poop

I travel way too much to be a responsible pet owner.  But I have many friends that do have pets.  And some of those pets travel as much as their owners, in under the seat carriers.  On long travel days with delays and connections, finding appropriate airport pet relief areas can be critical when Fido has to go… now!


This is Charlie, the pup of one of my colleagues.

After a delayed flight a couple of weeks ago, I found myself wondering how pet owners resolved the issue of nature calling.

My research turned up a great resource at website – an evolving list of airport pet relief areas.  The handy list includes details for owners of where to go (directions often included) and what to expect when they get there, often with photos.

So next time that Fido has to go at this airport, you know where to turn first!

This is Gunner, one of another colleagues brood!

This is Gunner, one of another colleagues brood!




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