Weekly Recap – July 28-August 3


It’s been a busy week around the Homestead… I’ll catch you up as we do the weekly recap!

I flew back from Charlottesville last Monday and have been playing catch up on some projects at home while I’m temporarily grounded.  I’m realizing that I wonder where my weekends go, even when I’m home!  I’m a little bit behind on my writing as well as my hand is still not doing great after I was attacked by wasps on Saturday afternoon.  I came home from my Grandfather’s 99th birthday party yesterday afternoon and spent the rest of the day doped up on Benadryl which also made it hard to get up this morning!  I’m giving it today to improve and if it doesn’t, I’m off to see a doctor tomorrow.

Last week was an interesting week.  We talked about nosy strangers in the airport who feel the need to tell you that you aren’t traveling correctly.

My cute Kate Spade travel-themed plates finally arrived from Nordstrom – they make a great gift for a female traveler in your life!  I’m not sure that I’ll actually buy this Leatherman-inspired hair clip, but I’m intrigued by the possibilities.

In travel news, millennial travel preferences were discussed after a new study has shed light on some interesting evolving trends.  This has also been a hot topic recently on a couple of travel forums I follow (and even in our own workplace) – it’s definitely ruffling some feather pillows.  I know many of my millennial friends travel with their pets too… this site has the scoop on poop (or where to) when Fido is with you at the airport.

And to keep up the younger (than me) traveler thread, I walked down memory lane to revisit one of my bizarrely memorable business trips from my 20s.

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