An Homage to the Singapore Sling

There is something quintessential about visiting Singapore for the first time and sinking into a comfy chair at the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling.  My next trip to Singapore is, alas, 3.5 months away but since the sticky summer heat has finally hit the Homestead, I found a little taste of Singapore right here to get me by.

Bird Cafe's homage to a Singapore Sling.

Bird Cafe’s homage to a Singapore Sling.

Bird Cafe is featuring their twist on a Singapore Sling all of August as their Monthly Cocktail Homage (the bar’s twist on a classic).

This version is as refreshing as the original but more crisp than cloying, a welcome update.

Whereas I can never drink more that one of the Rafffles’ delights, here I could easily get into trouble.

Bird Cafe's mixologist's take on a Singapore Sling

Bird Cafe’s mixologist’s take on a Singapore Sling

There are no chili crabs or street hawker finds on the small plates menu, but the Diablo or Thai mussels might be enough to trick you.

Bird Cafe is located on the plaza of Sundance Square in Fort Worth (cross streets of 4th & Commerce).  She’s the fraternal twin sister of the Meddlesome Moth in Dallas and a cousin of the Flying Saucer (the Bird is located in the now-refurbished historic home of the original Saucer).

If you decide to visit, there’s a good chance you’ll spot this blogger if she’s not out jetsetting.

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