Brilliant New United Safety Video Debuts

It’s admittedly been a long time since I’ve used the words “United” and “brilliant together.  (Unless comments like “they’ve made a brilliant mess of that awards chart” count!)  But I have to give it to them – the new United safety video totally hits the mark.

I’ve had friends who have commented that after the birth of their first child, merely hearing the coo of a little one or seeing a baby is enough to set their emotions on fire.

Me?  I have that response when hearing Rhapsody in Blue… little Pavlovian tears start forming and I feel the pull to drive to the airport.

United is running a contest through Monday August 11 for safety video viewers.  Two new clues will be posted at 1 pm CT each day at United Hub.  Once they are posted, watch the safety video and “click” when you see the item described in the clue.  Be the first to click correctly and claim your prize!

Have you seen the video yet? What is your favorite city/scene?

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