The Versatile Travel Necklace

I love to accessorize.

And I hate to pack accessories for a trip because I love to have a great look for every outfit without hauling tons of options with me.

I tried being the “simple” gal who just packed a classic necklace and a couple of earrings, but that’s just NOT me.  I like bold statement pieces, preferably that go with every outfit without looking like I am wearing the same piece every day.

Needless to say, I was SUPER excited when Stella & Dot came out with this versatile travel necklaceenough so  that I finally became a stylist with the company when they were still in their infancy as I wanted early access to all of their new pieces.

I’ve been impressed with the quality of their pieces for fashion jewelry and they stand behind their products with a “delight guarantee” that allows shoppers to make sure a piece will absolute work for them.

The first Sutton Necklace debuted in 2013.  It’s appeal was the multiple ways it could be worn – long, short, and with/without the clip-on extra strand.  Also, the extra strand could be worn by itself (front or reversed) as a separate piece.

In the year that has followed they have come out with three more Sutton necklaces.  Each works the same way – and the best part is that the pieces are interchangeable so they can be mixed and matched.  One Sutton is enough for me for a 2-3 day trip – but for a longer adventure, I can pack additional Sutton pieces so that I have a statement necklace for every look!

Sutton Necklace – Gold

Sutton Necklace – White Stone

Sutton Necklace – Green Stone

Here are a couple of photos of some of my Sutton pieces mixed and matched – I used the Sutton Green Stone and Sutton Gold for these two photos.  Just between these two necklaces, I can make 6 different long looks and 14 different short looks by interchanging the pieces and reversing the stand-alone strand.

Sutton Gold necklace with the Green Stone add-on piece.

Sutton Gold necklace with the Green Stone add-on piece.

Sutton Green Stone with the Gold add-on piece.

Sutton Green Stone with the Gold add-on piece.

Would you wear this versatile travel necklace?  What are your favorite fashion accessories that travel well?


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