Volcano Threatens Air Travel in Europe

Mediterranean cruisers may be getting a bonus views with their summer cruise – scenic volcanic activity.  That same volcano threatens air travel in Europe.

Mount Etna is continuing to let off steam and has already caused some air travel delays for nearby air traffic.

Volcanic activity poses an uncontrollable threat for air travel.  During the 2010 volcanic eruptions in Iceland, the global airline industry lost an estimated $1.7 billion, which means that free spectacular port views for cruisers could come with a larger price tag and more hassles for summer travelers.

Celebrity, P&O, and Seabourn all have cruises scheduled for the port of Catania in the coming weeks.  If things settle down, travelers should be able to resume normal tours on Mount Etna, such as those offered by our affiliate partner Viator that allow visitors to hike the volcano and view past geologic activity.

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