Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I’ve drawn a winner in last week’s contest to receive one free month of Rise, a one-on-one nutrition coaching app that I reviewed.

Our winner is….


Marlene is challenged by gluten-free travel, particularly internationally. I loved her idea in the comments to print cards with dietary requirements to give to food servers. I’m newer to the food sensitivity world myself so I can empathize with the struggle.

She also reports bringing snacks along to be sure she can eat. Guest blogger Heather posted some great nutritious travel snacks last week – and of course there is always Graze too!

Marlene, I’ll be reaching out to hook you up with your free month.

Thank you to our friends at Rise for sponsoring this giveaway!

For those who like to audit…

Everyone had pretty good odds of winning!

Everyone had pretty good odds of winning!

... but 5 was the lucky number!

… but 5 was the lucky number!

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