Around Prior2Boarding – 8/21/14

I’m embarrassed to admit this… but I just don’t have time to read all 600+ travel blogs that are out on the internet.  And because I don’t, I occasionally miss good content.  And also because I don’t, I probably occasionally post about things that other people are posting about too.

It happens, particularly as some bloggers work in real-time (i.e. poised to grab the laptop and break news as it’s happening) and some bloggers work on a scheduled basis (meaning they may working now on future posts).

I do however try to read a good chunk of what gets posted around Prior2Boarding.  I’m honored to have been a part of the inaugural group of bloggers there and think that it’s a very good cross-section of opinions and travel perspectives.


I’m going to start to share some periodic links of some of my favorite posts from around our network so you can see what you might have missed!

You can find the landing page for *all* of the Prior2Boarding blogs here.


    • I know, I know. My eyeballs start to get sore after the first couple dozen. Although I’ve heard that certain credit cards have amazing deals if I click on a link in the blog post! 😉

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