Around Prior2Boarding – 8/25/14

Another installment of the interesting things I found around Prior2Boarding these past few days….


Miles To Memories shared a recent near-miss with pickpockets that was very close to home for me. One more reason to limit my time in Dallas!

Fly2Travel discusses the rate of movie watching on the ground versus in the air. His experiences are similar to mine, although I’m getting tired of getting the stinkete from fellow passengers just because Pixar always makes me cry. Always.

I had a selfish interest in travelblawg‘s piece on First Amendment rights for bloggers. But I feel much better after brushing up on recent court rulings.

I enjoyed the view of expat eating from The Points of Life. I never give much thought to how I’d carry on day-to-day while living elsewhere, so this is a fascinating glimpse.

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get many takeaways from a family travel conference, but I found a gem I’m going to use for my next trip with others the HALT rule, which Points With a Crew describes further in his recap of the Family Travel for Real Life Conference

Finally, Muslim Travel Girl covers a favorite hidden find from one of my past trips – the Masonic Temple at the Andaz London. I loved reliving this through her photos!

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