Juggling Life

Every once in a while, I have the perfect storm – an overly committed schedule combined with competing priorities magnified by poor connectivity. That defines my last 72 hours. I’ve been at a trade show since Saturday night that has needed 16 hour focused days that were punctuated by poor connectivity. It’s left me literally “juggling life” as I’ve figured out what to tackle.

Sometimes I am quick to be smug about my ability to keep up with multiple priorities while on the road. But its a delicate balance that requires a few things – good connectivity, small controlled chunks of time, and precision time management. I’ve lacked all three during this time span and I feel out of sorts as a result.

I feel like I have experienced the business equivalent of parenting a toddler. I have not had more than five minutes to form a coherent thought. And when I have, my internet access (hampered by WiFi free exhibit halls and inoperable inflight wireless) has been laughable.

I’ve been surviving by sending “I’m on it, will update you Wednesday” emails to everyone. And yet somehow, I’m worried that somewhere I have dropped a ball or missed a critical detail. My paper to-do list looks scary. And I’m home for a mere 21 hours before I plunge into more insanity. I feel like I’m jumping out of a plane… And waiting for either the parachute or the splat.

But fear not. I write “in my head” and make lists in my sleep. Around here, I’ve already been working on a few things for the coming days. And I have a video of the Ice Bucket Challenge response for Points With A Crew to post whenever I’m not relying on a gerbil-powered connection. But right now, I need water (lots of it!), carbs (of the non-wheat, non-corn variety), and a hot date with my pillow.


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