Perfect Travel Selfies

I love traveling solo. There is something blissful about experiencing a new place and being guided only by my own impressions of it. Yet I often wonder existentially whether if I have no photographic evidence of my time there, did I really visit? I should take more photos with me in them – but sometimes I’m reluctant to hand my camera over to a stranger (whether it’s more that I don’t trust they won’t run off with it or I don’t trust they’ll capture me at an unflattering angle is debatable). It’s clear I need to master the art of taking perfect travel selfies.

For that reason, I was elated to run across this great piece on capturing perfect travel selfies as I often end up taking them when I want to remember a particular moment or place – and where I was within it.

A sunset travel selfie from Bali.  I wanted to capture the glow of the sun behind me on a busy beachfront.

A sunset travel selfie from Bali. I wanted to capture the glow of the sun behind me on a busy beachfront.

I love some of her photos and her advice to “tell the visual story of a trip”.  Some of my favorite travel photos include photos of my ‘blackened feet’ after walking barefoot through the French Quarter post-Katrina due to a broken shoe, photos taken with shadows or pieces of larger architectural objects, and photos like the one above where I’ve tried to capture the lighting or sense of a place.

The author (Vivienne McMaster) used the same love of self-photography throughout her  overall website which invites readers to “Be Your Own Beloved”, something I focused on in my former scrapbooking business when I co-authored the book “Self Centered – The Art of Scrapbooking You and Your Life” way back in 2006 (now out of print).  The term “selfie” didn’t quite exist back then – but the belief that we should capture where we are in life at any moment certainly did!


  1. I LOVE that selfie of you in Bali! Such incredible radiance and glow! And thanks so much for sharing the link to my Travel Selfie post!

    Is your book still available? I’d LOVE to check it out and I’m going to see if I can track it down. When I started this work it was pre ‘selfie’ too and it’s been a wild ride to let go and roll with the evolution of the selfie!

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