Weekly Recap – September 1-14

TJH_SkylineYou might notice I just tried to sneak two weeks into my weekly recap.  I was hoping you might NOT but it’s glaringly there.  I did take a few days off around Labor Day so my feed was lighter than normal so no weekly recap last week – just not enough to report so I spared the gratuitous post!

But we are back in action here and back into the daily home/travel grind!

I knocked out a couple of hotel reviews that had been lingering in my inbox (with a few more to come soon):

* Sheraton Suites Market Center Dallas

* Hyatt Place West Palm Beach

There was a cool video of how Southwest Airlines revealed their new paint scheme to the local media and other invitees at Dallas Love Field…

… and for all airports, an easy way to earn miles with Thanks Again.

There was discussion of how to take perfect travel selfies as well.

I found freebies (a monogrammed keychain)…

…and a neat website sharing travel experiences via the sense of sound

… as well as the recipe for my famous Winner Chili.

I ranted about people who don’t use the moving walkway to move

… and had a rift on the fine art of complaining.  (Man, I’ve been cranky lately!)

I also shared a couple of moments from the past:

* A memory of September 11

* A past navel gazing (but not “naval grazing”) trip report from an angst-filled trip to Bali, circa 2008

This coming week I’ll be out and on planes as I visit clients and also attend the Boarding Area blogger conference (otherwise known as BAcon – and who can’t get excited about something sharing a name with my favorite porcine product!).  I’ll try to bring you a slightly different spin on what I experience there since I’m certain no other blogger has any plans to write about any of it.  *wink*  But let me know what YOU might want to hear about there and I’ll do my best to oblige.

Until then, have a fantastic week!


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