Rumor Has It….

Rumor has it that Richard Branson is expanding into hotels.

Actually that part is fact. But in the viral marketing campaign for the new brand, Branson is encouraging individuals to start their own rumor about what the new brand will deliver.

The rumors have been running rampant on Twitter…

I’d pay extra for that service!

My boss would love that one.

That might come in handy.

Oh yes, please… sounds like the Nashville outpost might be on board with that idea!

Do you want to get into the act?  You can enter to win a two night stay at the Virgin Hotels website.

The first hotel in the brand will open in Chicago, rumor has it sometime in 2014. In the meantime, Virgin has been cheekily rolling out the welcome mat at competitor hotels around the Windy City…

W Hotels played along nicely!

And baiting local celebrities…

That would certainly be fun, wouldn’t it?!

What do you think of Virgin Hotels’ marketing campaign?

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