Weekly Recap – September 15-21


Another week has flown by! This last week I slept in five different hotels in three different cities. The best part of my week just ended – the Boarding Area conference. We had around 80 blogger attendees (both from our Boarding Area and Prior2Boarding networks as well as other invited travel bloggers) and had the opportunity to learn more about many aspects of the travel and blogging communities while enjoying social time getting to know other bloggers. (I’ll recap that in the next week or so!)

I regularly highlight some of the interesting posts from around the Prior2Boarding network on my blog – last week was no exception.

Passenger Shaming – was a popular viral topic in other places (morning shows, Facebook posts). I shared my views on the topic.

One question that confounded me – twice – during the week was whether I should pre-register for loyalty programs, just in case I needed them in the future.

I am slowly catching up on my hotel reviews (I’m only about ten behind now)….

* Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

* Sheraton Cleveland Airport

On a different (but fun) hotel note, I discussed the rumor-based viral marketing campaign for Virgin Hotels.

In one of my ranting moments, I questioned whether chivarly is dead in the Deep South (and apparently also offended one commenter who missed my baseball reference and thought I was trying to restart the Civil War… nope, just the Civility War)!

*gasp* – I made a credit card related post (sort of) or rather related my mistake of losing a piece of plastic.

And I exposed a piece of restaurant trickery in Vegas you might want to be aware of the next time you pull your own plastic out!

I also shared another Throwback Thursday trip report – this time from a day trip in 2005, that seemed oddly similar to my day trips today only with inferior technology.

Also in the throwback category, I rediscovered a favorite travel planning series archived on the web.

This coming week, I have so many things I want to tackle… its a good thing I don’t travel until the weekend so I can have plenty of time to write.

Until then…

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