Saturday Night Shopping – Things I Want (but Don’t Need) Addition

Me, champagne, Saturday night shopping?  What could possibly be wrong with that picture?

Nothing… except my ability to find plenty of things I want (but don’t really need).

Like this t-shirt from Anthropologie….

Afternoon Abroad Tee from Anthropologie - $48

Afternoon Abroad Tee from Anthropologie – $48

$48 for a t-shirt is a bit steep in my book (even if it does earn me 4 miles per dollar with AAdvantage eShopping).

But its sooooo cute… and would be a great travel piece layered with my black yoga pants and a cashmere wrap for travel days.

Adding it to my wish list.

A better spend might be this great wrap/cape from UK-based TopShop.  With a 10 miles per dollar earning rate right now at AAdvantage eShopping, $60 would yield 600 miles AND a cute layering piece for my fall/winter travel.

And of course I’m still browsing the Tumi sale at Gilt… 36 hours left to take advantage of great prices there!

Champagne and Saturday night shopping… not a bad combination!



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