Bad Parking Jobs Meet Karma, Hilarity Ensues

Living in Texas, you’d think I’d be used to bad parking jobs.



My daily grind typically involves an obnoxious parker just about everywhere I go:

  • my morning Starbucks run where at least two of the regulars have a fetish for using the handicapped spaces when they are in a hurry even though they lack a permit to do so and have been repeated called out by other customers for their “but I’m in a hurry” excuse
  • my work parking garage where double parking seems to be an assumed benefit by some of the drivers of “dually” trucks who take up two spaces daily while only paying for one
  • my neighborhood where I get blocked into my driveway at least twice a month so that I cannot leave my house without finding the driver and having him/her move their car
  • local shopping spots where its normal to “create your own parking spot” by parking diagonally if can’t figure out how parallel parking works

So when I saw this bit of Parking Shaming on, a tiny part of me felt vindicated, even if it didn’t quite address the problems I personally face daily.

A friend of mine bought me these helpful parking citations from Knock Knock to use the next time someone blocks me into my driveway.

I just haven’t worked up the nerve to be this passive-aggressive yet (or perhaps I fear getting my car keyed) but one of these days, I’m worried that someone else’s bad parking is going to cause me to miss a flight if I’m blocked in and can’t leave!

How do you deal with bad parking jobs? Is shaming parking jobs the same as shaming passengers? Is there a specific issue where you speak up and if so, what’s your breaking point?

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