Next Uber Service – Piggyback ?!

I think I drove a little too much for Uber this weekend… busy weekend, good money to be had doing mostly short runs in my neighborhood – how could I turn that down?

It seems like Uber-like products are all the rage as both Uber and Lyft experiment with new “on demand” services with one-day trials of things like ice cream or Christmas tree deliveries. It makes you wonder what the next Uber service to roll out might be, especially when you are on the street in the middle of it all!

But now that the time in the drivers seat wears off, I’m a little punch drunk and thus I found this funny….

I hope this doesn’t give Travis Kalanick (CEO of Uber) any ideas for the next Uber service offering!

If you are interested in another crazy startup idea that is NOT a parody, check out Manservants instead!

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