Cadillac Test Drive Earns Free Travel

Moneypenny is not well.  (Moneypenny being the Mini Cooper that my friend Samantha drives.)  Her clutch has gone out, it seems, so Sam is in the market for a new car.

Why is this important to you?  Well, I’m sometimes remiss in reporting travel news here that seems to have already been heavily covered by other travel bloggers.  But I am occasionally reminded by things like Sam’s misfortune that my friends and family (who may be the main readers of my blog on some days) may not be interested in some of the travel geekery that I am, but can still earn free travel like I do without too much work.

An example of that….

American Airlines announced earlier this week that they will be partnering with Cadillac soon to provide airplane to airplane transfers for some of their top customers with tight connections at DFW, New York JFK, and New York LaGuardia airports.

In celebration of that new partnership, they also announced that soon they will also have an in-dealership promotion that customers who call a local dealership service desk and schedule a test drive appointment will be able to earn 7,500 American AAdvantage miles once the test drive is completed.

7,500 miles is a nice mileage top off, particularly for some of you who don’t fly that often but are saving up for a trip somewhere.  Don’t need the miles to fly?  You could get several magazine subscriptions with that (and I’ll try not to judge you).  Heck, you could even donate them!

So Samantha?  Moneypenny did not die in vain.  You can get miles out of it (and still go buy a new Mini Cooper anyway).

And for the rest of you?  Stay tuned and I’ll announce details about how to do that Cadillac test drive and get your free miles as soon as I get them!


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