Ebola on a Plane… Or Not

Unbelievable… saying Ebola on a plane is a fast way to get yourself removed and hold up an entire planeload of passengers.

A passenger onboard a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic apparently joked out loud that he had the Ebola virus. The plane was met by a crew in hazmat suits when it arrived in Punta Cana.

A passenger shot and posted the YouTube video below.

Is it wrong that I picture Samuel L Jackson saying “We’ve got Ebola on a @#$% plane!” when I watch this?

Lessons learned:

1. Saying Ebola on a plane now gets the same response as saying bomb.

2. Your escapade is likely to land up on social media. (note the number of passengers photographing and/or filming the event)

3. Expect to be delayed and detained if this happens on your flight. (apparently two hours in this case)

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