Around P2B – 10/12/14

I love the date today – 10-12-14.  It’s such a perfect balanced numeric sequence that it makes me feel happy because I’m OCD like that. I’m on my way to San Diego right now for a conference and I’m excited about being able to smell the ocean. I’ve always loved the water and something about salt air just makes me feel alive!


This week we’ve had lots of great interesting content around Prior2Boarding, the hub for some of the best emerging travel/mileage bloggers around. Of course, I’m biased since I am lucky enough to get to be a part of the P2B family. I like to see all of the cool things the team writes about each week and then spotlight my favorites here.

Point Princess has been the featured blogger on Boarding Area this week (congratulations!) and has shared several great travel pieces including this one about a Jjimjilbangin in Korea (the part about being naked caught my eye).  I have yet to visit Korea but with a few AA SWUs burning a hole in my pocket between now and February 28, I think I know what I’m doing with two of them now!  Thanks for the great inspiration!

With nudity recurring here, Will Run for Miles caught my eye (or maybe the naked Italian men did!) with this piece on drunken tourism.

Travel With Grant continues a multipolar report on taking the Amtrak Coast Starlight.  This happens to be one of many trips on my bucket list so I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment.

In hot topics, Travel Blawg talks about Ebola screening.  Living in Dallas/Fort Worth, my social media feeds have been in fire with that subject!

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