Spider From Bali is Terrifying Souvenir (VIDEO)

A recent traveler to Indonesia has brought home an unusual souvenir – a venomous tropical spider from Bali.

But that’s not the scary part.  The creepy end of the story is that he didn’t know it until he returned home!


The Huffington Post video details some of the more graphic details of the story. Apparently the spider burrowed into his skin via a scar on his abdomen and worked its way up his torso. Doctors first diagnosed it (somewhat correctly) as an insect bite but three days later realized the spider was under his skin when it began to blaze a trail up his abdomen. The match-head sized spider was removed once it was discovered.

The 21 year old Australian traveler was first treated at Bali International Medical Centre (BIMC), a facility frequented by many tourists and ex-pats on the island. He later went to see a dermatologist when the skin markings began to spread.

I’m a regular traveler to Bali. And I’m scared of tropical and/or poisonous spiders. It goes without saying that I’ll be exercising extreme caution on my visit there in a few weeks – a spider from Bali is one souvenir I never need to bring home.

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