Uber Recruits Veterans and Military Spouses

Happy Veterans Day weekend to those in the United States.

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Uber has kicked the weekend off for associates with a reminder about their plan to recruit 50,000 veterans, military members, and spouses through UberMILITARY, a program dedicated to sourcing and onboarding these new drivers.

If one is thinking about signing up to drive for Uber, you would always be better off signing up as a referral from an existing driver.  The bonus programs in place provide cash bonuses for both the referring driver and the new driver once the new driver completes a set number of rides (usually 20).

I didn’t know about thus when I signed up with Uber via their website so I missed out.  I’ve also referred a couple of drivers who completed the registration without using the custom referral link and code so we were both unsuccessful at collecting the bonus.  Lots of cash left on the table!

But the bonus pays nicely if you do hit it – right now in Dallas, for example, it’s $200 for the new driver and $250 for the referring driver after 20 rides.

I’ve enjoyed my time driving for UberX, especially when surge pricing kicks in!  It’s a great way to make some extra cash and I can pick both when and where I drive.  It works nicely with my travel schedule – if I have a couple if weeks where I can’t drive due to travels, no big deal – I just work again when I’m ready.

Uber provides insurance coverage while I’m driving, a discount on AT&T phone services (my plan dropped by 18%), and will even rent me a phone for Uber if I don’t want to use my own.

Uber pays once a week via direct deposit – they take $1 for each ride I complete and 20% of the remaining amount.  80% is mine to keep.  (So on a $41 ride, I get $32.).

But back to veterans – yesterday Uber in Indiana announced that between Veterans Day and Christmas, Uber veterans/current military partners there would get to keep 100% of their fares – and it’s possible this could roll out to other cities (typically Uber’s city blogs are inconsistent with timing on rolling out national incentives).  If that happens, this could be a sweet payoff for some Uber drivers – and doubly nice combined with a referral bonus (as the incentive is for all qualifying UberX or UberXL drivers).

Uber recruits veterans at special events in some cities (I noticed a couple upcoming events in Miami, for example) but does not pay out bonuses for those signups.

I can refer drivers anywhere with Uber service – if you are interested in a referral, hit me up at jetsettershomestead@gmail.com – I just need the email or mobile number you want to use for your signup link.

I know now how many of us in the points-and-miles world love easy money, so I’ll point out that there is no commitment to Uber – if you sign up and do 20 rides and then decide you hate it, you can stop any time.


  1. Military troops fight for our rights and freedom. UBER takes AWAY THE RIGHT OF THEIR DRIVER, they have forced arbitration, taking away their drivers CIVIL RIGHTS to sue.

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