$30 Free Uber Rides Ending Soon

I think it is common knowledge that I’m a pretty big Uber fan.  I’ve had the good fortune to refer many of my friends and readers for their first Uber ride.  Because my local account is here in Dallas/Fort Worth, one of the newer Uber ramp up markets, that had meant that our free ride value has been $30.  It has also meant that individuals using my code for their first ride have benefited from getting it for free (or up to $30 off if higher than that).


Today I received word that $30 value will be coming to an end next Sunday (November 23) at 11:59 pm CT.

If you haven’t yet taken your first Uber ride, you can sign up with my referral code after downloading the app: uberjetsettershomestead

Or use this custom link to sign up online now and then take your first ride later.  After the 23rd, the free rides will still be there but will drop to a maximum $20 value instead.

The free rides are good on any Uber service ranging from UberX (the baseline service) upward.  Your free ride is stored in your profile so you will only be charged for any value exceeding the free value.  And Uber is cashless so there is no money to worry about with the free ride.

As an occasional UberX driver, I’m sometimes asked whether drivers get paid for free rides.  The answer is YES.  In fact, we never know if you are a first time rider or are with us for the 100th time (unless you tell us).  We are paid normally for free rides so we don’t mind if you use them!

If you’ve never used Uber (or have questions about how the app works), I shared some of my Uber secrets recently.  Read these and you’ll be working the app like an old pro!



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