Seven Things You Might Have Missed Around P2B

Each week I tune into Prior2Boarding to see what the latest news from around the travel world might be.  Around P2B, you’ll find a variety of content from a couple dozen emerging travel bloggers.  Jetsetter’s Homestead enjoys being a part of this diverse family of websites.


I am utterly jealous of the eye for photography that Andy of Andy’s Travel Blog has.  His shots wow me and this one from the Autobahn from his recent trip to Slovenia is no exception.  Amazing.  His entries all week have made me positively green with envy.

Speaking of travel envy, how excited am I that Travelling the World got his Lufthansa First award booked?  I wish I had discovered the wild world of points and miles when I was back in college… he’s got a jump start on many of us!

The Forward Cabin reminded me that I have not been to Albuquerque in a while.  How?  By reminding me of a secret little nook I used to hide in while waiting for a flight.  (I guess it’s not “secret” anymore!)

Also in destination reminiscing, Points, Planes, and Passports listed his ten highlights for a weekend in Hong Kong.  I think at least four of his would be on my list as well – but the variation is what I love about Hong Kong… so many things to do that everyone can have their own top ten list!

I was reminded by PointPrincess just how much I love the Twitter teams at some of my favorite travel brands (particularly American Airlines).  I don’t use them enough!

And kudos to Efficient Asian Man who said something that needed to said – that “trip reports are easy” is a totally bogus rumor.  (I’ve been planning my blog coverage of my vacation parallel with my actual vacation planning just to be sure I can answer reader questions and write about it appropriately!)

Will Run for Miles covered a single malt scotch tasting event.  I have been to a couple of these and hers looks much nicer than mine.  (For the record, I hate scotch.  The smell of it  – or even the smell of peet – makes my stomach turn thanks to an incident from the summer I was 17.  25 years later, I still can’t be near enough to smell it… but I somehow thought scotch tastings might be a great place to meet guys!)

I’ll be scanning the headlines on Prior2Boarding while I’m on my cruise – its the best way to quickly figure out what I’ve missed in the travel world.

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