The Worst Passenger on Your Flight

Tis the season for infrequent flyers.  The airports are bursting at the seams with holiday travelers, many of them folks who only fly once a year (or even less often).  Lots of things can bring on airport stress, not the least if which can be the worst passenger ever sitting next to you!

But what if, unbeknownst to you, YOU are actually the worst passenger on your flight?!

The Huffington Post has a few great tips to help ensure that you are not, in fact, the worst passenger ever.

While that’s a good starting point, here are a few more simple tips to avoid being one of “those” passengers:

* Shower before you fly – or if on a long journey, pack some wipes and deodorant so you can freshen up midway.

* Be mindful of others around you – don’t hog space, be loud, block walkways, or do other anti-social things.  That includes eating smelly things in confined spaces!

* Demonstrate kindness to othersespecially if you are a frequent traveler.  Be patient with the mother traveling with toddlers who is struggling at the x-ray machine, the elderly man struggling with his carry-on bag,

and finally…

* Don’t throw trash at other passengers – you’d think this would be self-explanatory but you’d be surprised….

And for goodness sake, if you do end up next to the worst passenger, don’t shame them by plastering photos of them on the internet!



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