No More Special UK Cadbury Creme Eggs?!

It used to be my routine to always go to London at the beginning of the year.

Post holiday shopping at Selfridges?  check

Stock up on toiletries at Boots?  check

Pick up another Easter bunny from Harrods?  check

Burn off a couple of expiring systemwide upgrades?  check

Grab a stash of UK Cadbury Creme Eggs?  not so fast….

photo credit: Reuters

photo credit: Reuters

It seems like the internet is abuzz that the recipe for Cadbury Creme Eggs.  It seems that the recipe for these has now reverted to the US version which has an inferior chocolate shell, not the Cadbury Dairy Milk shell we aficionados are accustomed to.

We can now add these, along with Kinder Surprise Eggs, to the list of ova-themed items I will no longer bring home in my suitcase.


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