Manspreading – It’s a Thing

Manspreading… it’s a real thing.  And it’s making people uncomfortable in a public place near you.

Urban Dictionary has the following definition:


The act of men spreading legs – particularly on a subway train – to create space for genitalia, which has come under fire by certain feminist-leaners who insist the practice takes up too much room on crowded trains.
The dudes took up all the damned space with their manspreading.
I’ve run into it a lot on regional jets where the guy next to me decides he needs to manspread and thus use part of my seat space for his leg.  And it’s become a way to mark territory when stuck in the center seat in coach.
But it’s culturally regarded as being a “guy thing, which is why I found this video from Consumerist funny – it shows what happens when a guy and a girl engage in the same manspreading activity and how each is regarded by others.
I wish everyone could just keep their knees together in a polite way.  Seeing a manspread reminds me of this clip from one of my favorite movies… and that’s just really NOT where I want to be when I’m sitting next to you on a plane.
So please… just close your legs.

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