Guest Curator – Next Issue

I’ve raved before about the app Next Issue which is the equivalent of having the entire newsstand on my tablet for instant reading pleasure.

Next Issue has been my saving grace during the numerous flight delays and cancellations I’ve endured in the last year.  The stash of magazines has given me reading pleasure on cruise ships and international flights.  And it was a godsend during the week I got iced into my house last year.  Let’s not even start at how happy my back is from the lightened load in my carry on bag.  And no more magazine clutter at home?  Magic.

So how could Next Issue get any cooler for me?

Well, two things – one, they just added Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings to their large rotisserie.  And two, they asked ME to be their guest curator this week!

Here is a little bit of what I’ve been reading lately (and why).  And as I head out today for another weekend of flying, you can bet that I’ve downloaded more reading (the February Vanity Fair article on the Dallas Ebola crisis is calling my name!)

Do you use Next Issue?  If so, I’d love to hear what your favorite publications on there might be.

And if you haven’t tried it… what are you waiting for?  Click here and let’s get you started with a free 60 day no-obligation subscription.  You can read my full product review from July here (and they’ve added even more titles since!)

(Disclosure – if you like it – and I bet you will! – I get a gift card if you stay on past 60 days!)


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