My Top Five Bookmarks From Around Prior2Boarding This Week

Another week has passed (actually two, since I didn’t update this last week) and it’s time to discuss my favorite posts from around  Prior2Boarding’s subdomain. I’ve shifted this weekly rundown to Saturdays (and my weekly recap will shift to Sundays) to better accommodate the weekend “catch up” schedule of my readers.

Travel Blawg shared his top 35 travel apps.  It was interesting to compare the list on my phone with his run down!

Muslim Travel Girl broke down the KLM frequent flyer program.  Now that I’m doing some Delta flying, I need to pay more attention to Sky Team and this was a great start to my education.

Travelling the World shares a frequent flyer documentary I’ve never seen before.  Fascinating!

Andy’s Travel Blog always has entertaining posts like his musing on what to do on a 17 hour flight?

Efficient Asian Man was the featured blogger on Boarding Area this week.  He had some interesting (and provocative) topics but I found his advice on how to do an In-N-Out layover at LAX to be particularly bookmark-worthy!  I no longer do these for the burgers (since we can now go animal style in Texas), but the plane spotting is priceless!

Don’t forget to spend some time navigating around Prior2Boarding on your own – you’ll find some of the most interesting emerging travel bloggers on the web there and interesting content daily!


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