Visit NYC, Sex and the City Style

Sex and the City may have finished its HBO run over a decade ago – and hopefully its movie reincarnation after a train wreck of a romp through the United Arab Emirates a few years later (they got the designer obsessions correct at least, even if they did stomp on the culture in the process!)

Image: HBO

Image: HBO

And yet there are times when I miss the escapades of Carrie and company, especially when it comes to cluing me in when I want to visit NYC and hit the latest hot spots.

Fortunately the team over at Taste the Style, one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, has their finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the city, especially since this crew is living Sex and the City style in the here and now as they pursue their careers and blog about it too!

Their tips on where to drink and dine in the style of the four main characters are bookmark-worthy for your next visit.  And they’ll keep you appropriately styled with articles I love (like how to steal – and wear – the shirt off your man’s back)!

The next time I visit NYC, I’m definitely upping my cocktail game with a visit to a couple of these establishments.  (Bathtub Gin is calling my name!)


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