Wonderful Things Around Prior2Boarding This Week

It’s been a crazy week around the Jetsetter’s Homestead.  A brand-new firm has meant lots of office time as I get acclimated – and a corresponding 90 mile round trip to get there – so not a ton of time for my own writing.  Not to worry… once I’m settled in, I won’t be making that trip every day and will be back to my normal schedule!  But in the meantime, I’ve gotten my fix around Prior2Boarding where my fellow writers have been churning out some wonderful articles.

Do you travel differently when someone else is paying?  That’s the question that Points with a Crew asked.  It’s a good one too.  After ten years of owning my own firm, I’d like to think I travel the same way no matter who is paying, but I’m not sure that’s 100% true.

The Park Hyatt Washington DC is a favorite property of mine.  The Forward Cabin shared ten of his tips for staying there.  I adore the Blue Duck Tavern and dine there even when not staying at the property.  He missed one of my favorite tips though – and that’s to book afternoon tea at the Tea Cellar on the weekends when they offer a beautiful selection of food to go with the amazing tea selection.  ($40 for adults, $20 for children).

I have never been brave enough to do much with bus service in Asia, but Point Princess has – the details of her sleeper bus journey in Cambodia has me thinking my choices have been sound!

Analytics are a passion of mine (I’m a consultant, after all).  So I loved Analyzing Analytics (and really loving it) from Out & Out.  I too love to dig into my Google Analytics and I also enjoy reading fresh voices.  (And now that I know Harlan is a fellow Tori Amos fan, well there is that too!)

Muslim Travel Girl has a shopping mall review… but it’s not just any shopping mall!  I love her perspective and view on the world!

Andy’s Travel Blog is in Europe and I am jealous.  But at least he gave us all this great free iPhone6 wallpaper.

And then I’m hungry, thanks to ThePointsOfLife and The Burger Joint Le Parker Meridien pictures.  That’s one of my go-to NYC places and I’m salivating at the thought of the pickle.

On that note, it’s dinner time.  I’m going to have to settle for a nice grass-fed ribeye cooked in my cast iron skillet (since it’s raining right now) and asparagus.  It’s a far cry from that luscious looking burger, but I’ll survive.

Until next week, be sure and bookmark Prior2Boarding to get your fix from my favorite collection of travel bloggers!


  1. Rates at this Park Hyatt are quite reasonable, usually pricing out at under $200 a night. If you re eligible for a government rate, this hotel usually comes in at around $170, which is cheap for a Park Hyatt.

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