US Geography Via London

This isn’t new, but it doesn’t ever fail to make me laugh when I see one of these in my social media feed.  And finally I saw the full collection from Buzzfeed and realized that some of the real gems had not yet caught my attention.


Yes, I get a kick out of how people from London have labeled a blank US map.

But really, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.  I shudder to think of what this exercise might look like if we in the US were asked to label world maps.  I am scared even of my own ability to do so – and that’s with the caveat that I’ve visited 50+ countries AND took college level geography where I had to do this very map labeling exercise with every continent as well as island groupings (hello Caribbean and South Pacific).  And yet even I wonder what my maps might look like.

Still, the humor is less in the inability to label it correctly and more in the ability to label it hilariously!  The one pictured above manages to label True Detective, The OC, and Jed Bartlett – why not learn about US geography from our television shows?

Much like those Buzzfeed videos where people eat snacks from another country, I am transfixed and want to search for more of these.  But first, I need to get some work done… my tax dollars need to pay for better geography education before I start throwing stones from my glass house!


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