Does Personality Type Predict Vacation Style?

I’m generally skeptical every time I see one of those viral articles that claims to predict my ideal job based on my answers to a few questions or my dream home based on my astrological sign.  As such, clicking on this latest one – What each Myers-Briggs type does on vacation – seemed like it would be more of the same.

I was wrong.

They nailed it.  Or at least MY personality type.

INTJ: Selects the optimal hotel, dining and entertainment options by methodically narrowing down a list of possible selections prior to the trip.

Okay… I hate travel planning – at least the kind that involves having to research tours and sights to see.  But I focus(okay – absolutely OBSESS) over where – and what –  I’m going to eat.  And I will sit on multiple hotel websites simultaneously comparing feature and deals and locations.  So I’m probably way more into planning that I like to admit.

Another confession?  If this really does predict my vacation style, then I wish I was an ESFP.  At least based on this quiz….



  1. My personality is no different when I travel. I’m a teacher and this fits me perfectly too!!
    Plan, plan, plan!!!

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