Things AvGeeks Do – Book Unnecessary Flights

There is no denying that I’m one of those AvGeeks (aviation geeks).

That behavior leads me to do some crazy things – fly on weekend mileage runs to spend 18 hours in Taipei.  Or Beijing solely because of a $400 first class fare.  Changing my flight and working in the airport so I can meet up with an inaugural flight.

And sometimes they border on the ridiculous.

Like deciding I want to try a new airline.

Badly enough that I swap out a 2 hour flight with a night in a hotel for 13 hours of flying and a crazy middle of the night plane swap.

And spend more miles to do it.

Yes… my Venice to London nonstop on British Airways is now a Venice to Doha to London flight on Qatar Airways.  In business class.

Because vacation.

Because AvGeek.

Because crazy.

I’m going to blame Ben at One Mile at a Time for hooking me in with his Qatar reports.

I’ve had major flight envy.  While my year may have included the same number of flights as his and yet my destinations have been utter boring by comparison.  When most of your weeks involve 4-6 flights that include regional jets and then another 1-3 hours in the car to get to your destination, a bit of adventure is called for on vacation.

I’ve hit the point where first class on Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa and British Airways just feels vanilla.  So it was time for some strange… airline.

So I’ll wrap up days 16 and 17 of my vacation getting some of that out of my system.  Adding a new airline and a new destination to my list.  Because it’s just one of those things AvGeeks do.

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