Breakup on a Plane

I’m a couple of days late to the story (or rather in auto-post mode since I’m currently off on my Grand Mediterranean cruise) but this story caught my eye about how a woman trended on Twitter due to her live tweeting a couple’s too-public breakup on a plane.

It is stories like this that make me glad social media was not around in my younger years.

I know I’ve been that girl… more than once.

I went through a string of long distance relationships in my emotional 20s (and early 30s) and sniffled my way through many domestic flights during a couple of the more tumultuous relationships.  I have sobbed the duration of at least two international flights.

Nothing is worse than crying on planes – the dry air, the dehydration, the other passengers.

Yes, the other passengers.  I never really thought about them when I was my crying mess of a self.

Lesson now learned (about 15 years too late) – don’t initiate a breakup on a plane (or really anywhere in public).

Thank goodness they didn’t have Twitter – or I would have been a victim of passenger shaming on an entirely new level.

And yet I had to read the story anyway.  The commentary, while snarky, was a also hilarious.  I can only imagine what happened after the flight.

I want to know what happened next.

And I want to know who Charlotte is!

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