Brooklyn Meets Paris at New Festival

Bearded hipsters meet fashion’s finest at a strange new food and culture festival in Paris.

Paris by Mouth reports that a new special festival at high-end department store Le Bon Marché is celebrating all of the “best” of the New York borough as curated by their merchandisers in a bizarre Brooklyn meets Paris styling.

While seemingly odd from my middle American perspective, the festival is probably in line with the occasional cultural celebrations that pop up at my local specialty grocery (Brazilian food for a month?  Let’s go….)

The last time I wanted to see Brooklyn hipsters in Paris, I needed to venture no further than Frenchie To Go – the joint was teaming with them.  (And who would blame them… that reuben!  those fries!)

I doubt I’ll make it to Paris before the collaboration ends but I’d be unlikely to purchase American goods to carry home anyhow.  Such a pop up wouldn’t be aimed to me in any case!

I do enjoy a good pop-up, however – stateside, Nordstrom operates some great ones (Liberty, Rodarte, or my affiliate partner Warby Parker).

What do you think about these cultural mash-ups and what collaborations would you like to see?


  1. Being originally from Brooklyn, I never thought I would ever see the terms “hip” or “chic” associated with where I was born and raised. This sounds like an idea for a future article for me to write.

    Imagine a similar evolution for Fort Worth, to which I admittedly never been. I believe I might have officially entered it on Interstate 20 when I stayed in Arlington years ago in a detour on my way to a client in Waxahatchee — probably to use United States highway 287 to bypass the construction on the then-yet-to-be-completed Texas state highway 360 as part of the reason — but that is the closest I have been to Fort Worth…

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