Chanel Airlines in Paris – Spring 2016

I often catch myself thinking “wouldn’t it be great if air travel could be more aesthetically pleasing?”  Yes, I can escape to lovely first class lounges in places like Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and Doha but it’s not quite the same when I still have to walk through the terminal to pajama clad teenagers dragging dirty pillows along with them and ugly feet on the armrests.  But Paris just got a respite from that ugliness, if only for a day, with Chanel Airlines.

Karl Lagerfeld’s airport-themed show for Paris Fashion Week brought glamour back to travel as the Spring 2016 collection was highlighted.

Oversized sunglasses, sleek suiting, and elegant yet breezy dresses make me long for a bigger wardrobe budget.

My favorite items?  A sleek black and white suit, a cream coatdress with an asymmetrical drape, a grey pantsuit with interesting lines,    And I really want that lovely dress with the epaluets that Anna Wintour sported in the front row.

Less likely to appear in my closet (even the mass market copies that will follow) are the colorful pajama-like outfits that comprised much of the casual wear.  But then again, perhaps Chanel Airlines is just like everyone else… pillows and all.


While the likelihood of me tossing Chanel in my suitcase for spring is slim, you can see what I might be packing over on Pinterest with my packing list board.

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