Travel Bucket List for Foodies

As a foodie, culinary experiences are a huge part of my travel experiences.  I often book food tours when I travel and enjoy seeking out different food adventures.

I naturally got excited when a friend forwarded this foodie bucket list to me.

A quick scan of the list informed me that I’ve already experienced most of these – I’m missing exactly three of them – numbers 8 and 13 (which will require a bit of special planning to check off) and 15 (which I swear I will check off soon – I mean, seriously, how does someone get to several million lifetime miles without ever going to Hawaii??!!)

Of all the ones I’ve tried, only numbers 16 and 17 are things I could easily pass on in the future.  (Yes, 16 – really… they might take my Texan card away for that one!)

On the other hand, numbers 1, 10, and 20 make me all want to hunt for airfare tonight… the cravings are that strong!

I feel like a few things are missing from this list based on what I typically hear my fellow foodies rave about.

For example, how can you skip chili crabs from Singapore?  (Or at least the hawker markets.)  No Italian gelato?  What about balik ekmek in Istanbul?  (Or Turkish delight.)  Not a single currywurst or doner kebap?  And how can number 2 be the only sweet thing on the list?

How can Singapore's chili crabs not make the list for foodie favorites?

How can Singapore’s chili crabs not make the list for foodie favorites?

What are your favorites on this list?  And what do you think is missing?



  1. They could definitely use more geographical diversity. 8 of 21 are in the US, leaving the other ~195 countries just 13. It’s hard to believe that they couldn’t find a single bucket list item anywhere in the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, or all of Africa.

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