This is Why I Won’t Be Traveling This Thanksgiving

I have a loose agreement with my family.  We can be flexible on when or if I celebrate holidays (birthdays, national celebrations, and religious ones).  This allows me to take long weekends (like Thanksgiving) to travel without cutting into my personal leave balance.

My mom has no issue putting a leftover turkey dinner in my freezer to be consumed later.  Or opening Christmas presents in January.   This year we split the difference between our two birthdays (mine in mid-February and hers in late April) and celebrated together on a spring transatlantic cruise.  The poor Seabourn folks were confused as they couldn’t figure out which of us was celebrating (we both were!)

I’ve spent past Thanksgivings in all types of unusual places – last year it was eating cicchetti in Venice with my friend Dario. The year before was eating nasi goreng in a sanctuary lodge in Indonesia while preparing for an amazing morning climb at Borobudur.  Paris, London, Key West, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok… I’ve managed to hit some unique destinations over the holiday weekend in years past.

But this Thanksgiving, something is keeping me home.  And that something is Netflix.

Yes, Netflix. I know I can watch it from anywhere (and often do, thanks to my Roku Stick).

Call me crazy… I know I can watch my Netflix from almost anywhere, but there are some things a girl needs her own comfy sofa for.  This is one of them.

Yes, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is being released on Black Friday.  That’s a good enough excuse for me to skip traveling – and skip the crazy sales – and spend some time on my sofa.

The trailer was just released today and I think I’ve made a good choice… see for yourself:



I’ve been reading all the crazy theories on the internet. Is one of our girls pregnant? Is it Team Logan or Team Jess? (Not Team Dean. There is NO Team Dean!) Will all the quirky residents of Stars Hollow be exactly as they were? Sookie? Miss Patty? Kirk? What will our ladies have to say about the 2016 election season? So many questions!

Are you a fan? Will you be watching? (And did you go stand in line for coffee a couple of weeks ago? I know many who did – you can admit it!)


  1. I only discovered Gilmore Girls this past year…after my son who works for Netflix, gave me Netflix for Christmas. I was hooked after watching the first episode. I may just spend my Thanksgiving catching up with the folks in Stars Hollow too! Great post, Jennifer!

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