About Jim Ogden

Jim is an information technology strategy consultant who has traveled extensively for client projects. Despite having logged many miles for business, it is the personal travel he most values. When traveling for pleasure, Jim prefers to seek out the authentic soul of the places he visits. His favorite travel memories are not of the tourist-friendly areas but rather the places off the beaten-path. As an expat and foodie, Jim brings a perspective of writing based on maximizing the experience of traveling.

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Will Apple Kill the Uber App (and Uber)?

Apple could effectively kill Uber by simply removing the Uber app from Apple’s App Store. This is exactly what Apple threatened to do after it learned the Uber app had been designed specifically to circumvent Apple’s privacy rules. Uber was able to track iPhone users even after they had deleted the app from the iPhone or iPad devices.…

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420 Friendly Travels


Yesterday was April 20th. Otherwise known, informally anyways, as National Weed Day. And it coincides with World Cannabis Week, a festival and trade show in Denver. While it’s illegal to smoke pot in most states in the US, there are a few global destinations which are becoming known for their support of “weed tourism.” First, There are Some Things…

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Avoid Getting Zika While Traveling This Summer

tiger mosquito

Having spent a great deal of time living and working in the Caribbean, where it’s always mosquito season, I’ve had more than my share of bites. While generally just a nuisance, mosquitoes are actually the most deadly creature on earth. Mosquito-borne diseases affect more than 700 million people annually. And chikungunya, dengue, yellow fever, and malaria…

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Cadillac’s Robocar is Coming Soon and It’s Watching You

Cadillac robocar eye scanner

Cadillac just announced they will be introducing new technology in the pursuit of practical autonomous driving. Robocars are well on their way to ubiquity but they are coming to us in bits and pieces. Car makers have already introduced a number of these components such as automatic stopping, lane swerving warnings, and systems to maintain a safe…

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