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A Year in Review – 2016


Don’t let my silence on Jetsetters Homestead fool you. This has been a crazy year despite my lack of chronicles. In some ways, I haven’t felt like I’ve had enough to write about (certainly not in the world of mileage program changes or hotel reviews where I never scoop anyone).  In other ways, I’ve felt…

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An Exotic Thanksgiving


I’ve spent many a Thanksgiving away from home – some of them in interesting locales creating a truly exotic Thanksgiving indeed. Its the byproduct of having a career where getting away for long stretches of time isn’t always feasible.  Combining paid time off with scheduled holidays is a great way to stretch the time off budget…

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Chasing Alexander Calder

Joe Mabel [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Many frequent travelers I know have certain rituals or routines that punctuate their trips.  Two different friends have each amassed a large collection of Starbucks city mugs.  Others collect snowglobes or Hard Rock Café pins.  I collect Alexander Calder. Its not (for the most part) a physical collection – although I do own two handsigned epreuve d’artist…

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This is Why I Won’t Be Traveling This Thanksgiving

My favorite perch for blogging and other online work.

I have a loose agreement with my family.  We can be flexible on when or if I celebrate holidays (birthdays, national celebrations, and religious ones).  This allows me to take long weekends (like Thanksgiving) to travel without cutting into my personal leave balance. My mom has no issue putting a leftover turkey dinner in my…

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Travel to Stars Hollow

I have a good excuse for why I only recently discovered the amazing town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Yes, I’m 16 years late to the party. I have a good excuse though.  When Gilmore Girls debuted in 2000, I was just out of grad school.  I was transitioning full time into the world of management consulting.  Traveling…

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