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Fyre Festival Debacle and Five Travel Planning Takeaways

fyre money fire

As my flight cruises high above the California desert, passing near Coachella, I can’t stop thinking (and laughing) about the giant music-festival-turned-dumpster-fire known as the Fyre Festival. The #fyrefraud was targeted at high net worth Millenials. It was supposed to be a two-weekend “luxury music festival”. Event organizers claimed the location, a private island in…

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420 Friendly Travels


Yesterday was April 20th. Otherwise known, informally anyways, as National Weed Day. And it coincides with World Cannabis Week, a festival and trade show in Denver. While it’s illegal to smoke pot in most states in the US, there are a few global destinations which are becoming known for their support of “weed tourism.” First, There are Some Things…

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Avoid Getting Zika While Traveling This Summer

tiger mosquito

Having spent a great deal of time living and working in the Caribbean, where it’s always mosquito season, I’ve had more than my share of bites. While generally just a nuisance, mosquitoes are actually the most deadly creature on earth. Mosquito-borne diseases affect more than 700 million people annually. And chikungunya, dengue, yellow fever, and malaria…

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Good Hair While Traveling

good hair while traveling

I finally understand why Snow White’s stepmother was so concerned.  The older I get, the more vain I become.  Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration.  But I no longer have my youthful glow.  Jet leg catches up to me quicker than before.  Leggings are definitely NOT my friend.  Is it too much to ask that…

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Crawfish Season – Enjoy While You Can!


It’s early spring along the Gulf Coast and that means it’s time for crawfish. The exact timing for the season can vary from one year to the next depending on rainfall and temperature. But this year, NOW is the time to dig in. Crawfish boils are a great excuse to have a backyard get together with friends.…

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