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Chasing Alexander Calder

Joe Mabel [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Many frequent travelers I know have certain rituals or routines that punctuate their trips.  Two different friends have each amassed a large collection of Starbucks city mugs.  Others collect snowglobes or Hard Rock Café pins.  I collect Alexander Calder. Its not (for the most part) a physical collection – although I do own two handsigned epreuve d’artist…

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Mourning the Death of Radio Shack

I will always be a Fort Worth girl, no matter where I roam. I’m also unapologetically a huge geek – and always have been. The intersection of those two data points make me one of the saddest to hear about the death of Radio Shack.  The hometown company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday…

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Drink Some Wine, Test Drive a Cadillac, Earn 7,500 AAdvantage Miles

File under “easy miles”… drink some wine, test drive a Cadillac, earn 7,500 AAdvantage miles (but please, not in that exact order!) American Airlines AAdvantage program is running a limited time promotion with Cadillac.  Test drive a Cadillac vehicle at any participating dealer, earn 7,500 AAdvantage miles. I called the Cadillac Concierge today at (844) 469-2234…

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Fried Food and Football – Big Tex’s Specialties

Fans headed to the college football classic Red River Shootout (better known in theses parts as Texas/OU Weekend) take note.  Texas and Oklahoma both have higher rates of heart disease compared to national statistics. Some might equate this to the coronary-inducing performances of both teams at times.  Or it might be the unequivocal love of…

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Video: Southwest Reveals Its New Paint Scheme

In this video captured by Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Andrea Ahles, Southwest reveals its new paint scheme to the hometown crowd at a maintenance hangar event today in Dallas. While the livery design began to make sneak appearances online the past few days – and to many brings to mind Burger King and Hot Dog…

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