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Do You Need a ManServant?

Ladies, if you hate your friend – and yourself – get her a stripper. If you love your friend, get her a ManServant. So ends one of the best viral marketing videos I’ve seen. Although lets face it – a video that begins with talk of penis cakes and an uncomfortable video of a gyrating…

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Personal Upkeep for Frequent Travelers

In my early days as a frequent traveler, one of my biggest frustrations was scheduling time for “personal upkeep”. Whether it’s simple things like a pedicure or hair cut with a favorite stylist, or more complex regular procedures with a specialist, it can be difficult to juggle appointments, especially when the hours those professionals keep…

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Can Business Travelers Have It All? Work/life balance again in question

“We can’t have it all” – that’s the most current message among women in the executive ranks, an ever-growing contingent of business travelers.  It’s a counter-claim to what I was sold in my teens and twenties as we were encouraged to bust through the glass ceiling by day and go home to perfect fulfilled lives…

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