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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I’ve drawn a winner in last week’s contest to receive one free month of Rise, a one-on-one nutrition coaching app that I reviewed. Our winner is…. Marlene Marlene is challenged by gluten-free travel, particularly internationally. I loved her idea in the comments to print cards with dietary requirements to give to food servers. I’m newer…

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Time Management for the Insane

It’s Sunday and I’m wondering exactly where my weekend has escaped too, something I do all too frequently.  And then I remember that I fell into the rabbit hole of driving for UberX (including my live tweetalong last night which you can still read on Twitter via #virtualride) and keeping the content flowing here (something I do…

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Free Stuff for the Taking

We’ve talked about nutrition quite a bit here this week (when we weren’t talking about manufactured spending… wow, I really had no idea exactly how big that was until the comments started coming in!)  And on the topic of nutrition, there’s some free stuff I want to make sure you’d seen! 1. I’m giving away one…

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Mind Your Space – Etiquette in the Jetset Age

Summer travel season is hitting its final furious weeks.  Airplanes are crowded.  Airports are crowded.  Rental car shuttles are crowded.  Even the local Starbucks where I blog each day is crowded.  And everyone is clamoring for the same precious every shrinking space. It can make the average day downright frustrating.  Today I got to Starbucks…

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