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Chanel Airlines in Paris – Spring 2016

I often catch myself thinking “wouldn’t it be great if air travel could be more aesthetically pleasing?”  Yes, I can escape to lovely first class lounges in places like Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and Doha but it’s not quite the same when I still have to walk through the terminal to pajama clad teenagers dragging dirty…

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How to Dress Like a Celebrity Jetsetter

Want to look as chic as a celebrity jetsetter the next time you fly?  InStyle has compiled a great slideshow of celebrity airport fashions worth a glance before your next trip. No matter how you dress to fly (business or casual), they’ve got inspired looks for you.  Nicole Kidman’s black & white coat the start of…

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What do YOU Wear to Fly?


Nothing seems to invite controversy in a frequent traveler discussion quite like the “what do you wear to fly” conversation. Diehards on both ends of the spectrum (from “one step up from pajamas” to “dressed for the boardroom”) tend to be quick to defend their positions as to why their way of dress is the…

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Stitch Fix Box Review – October 2014

I subscribe to a personal shopping subscription service called Stitch Fix.  It’s an online personal shopping service where users can create their own custom profile to receive regular hand-selected wardrobe additions based on their personal preferences (including lifestyle, body type, and wardrobe needs). Here’s how it works: Users complete a detailed profile online. A stylist for the company reviews this data (which includes…

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Steal His Clothes

November is usually the turning point when I begin to think beyond all the cute fall items I’ve purchased and what outfits I can create.  Instead, as the days turn colder (and especially on the weekends), my mind turns to comfort. Hilliary Latham recently had a great piece on five items to steal from your…

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Stitch Fix Box Review – September 2014

I subscribe to a monthly shipment from Stitch Fix, an online personal shopping service. Women who try the service create their own custom profile so that they can try new wardrobe additions to fit their lifestyle, figure, and needs. September was box #5 for me. Through my first four boxes, I kept a total of…

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